What format is the Ordoo API?

The Ordoo API returns JSON. Furthermore, we follow best practices to ensure that we provide consistent and predictable responses.

We follow the JSON:API specification on our endpoints. You can use the API directly or take advantage of this strong convention with a multitude of client side tools that provide helper wrappers around the format.

Is the API rate-limited?

Yes. To ensure we can provide a good quality of service for we rate limit the API to 300 requests over a 60 second rolling period per account.

If we receive more than this you will receive a 429 Too Many Requests response. The rate could be changed in the future so your application should take this into consideration and ensure that this response is handled correctly.

Do the Ordoo API support polling?

No. Polling in inefficient for both parties and produces a poor experience as data is not received in real-time. To ensure good quality of service we disallow polling and instead ask that you utilise Webhooks instead to receive real-time notifications of when changes occur such as an order is placed.

Got another question?

No problem. Please email adam@ordoo.co.uk if you have any more queries.